But the disease affects each patient differently

Monday, 16. December 2013

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I want my eyes in your eyes
I want my voice in your ear
I want the cool hands of the wind
I still want the pain of loving,
The evil of all that is wonder
I still want to burn gently,
Walking close to the sun

And I want to disturb the stones
To change the face of my nights
To make the skin your mystery
And the time: I do it my business

I want your laugh in my mouth
I want your shoulders shaking
I want to strand tenderly
On a lost paradise
I want to find my double
I want the origin of the disorder
I want to pet the l unknown

And I want to disturb the stones
Change the face of my nights
Make the skin your mystery
And the time: I do my business

I want to die on a Sunday
At the first thrill of spring
Under the sun of Satan
I want to die without fray

Fondue in a lead sleep
I want to die with my eyes open
The nose in the sky, like a beggar

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