None of those techniques work today and in addition to not

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Hermes Handbags Replica Women will try 130 diets in a lifetime as love of food ruins healthy eating plansOn average a new regime is started twice a year and lasts 31 days, survey found01:01, 17 JUN 2017New regime is started twice a year (Image: Getty) A fat free diet is the most common health fix, followed by adopting a vegetarian lifestyle. The love of food is the main reason for a regime being ditched.Other hurdles include a lack of willpower and failing to see results quickly. One in 20 women said their active social life stops them sticking to an eating plan.Nearly half of girls have been on a DIET by the time they reach 17 and flawless celebrity selfies are being blamedCatherine Marshall, from hospitality software firm Fourth which conducted the study, said: “Adults have a tendency to panic when in a restaurant and assume nothing will cater for their latest health fix, but more often than not there will be options suitable for any diet or lifestyle choice.”The poll of 1,500 women found that the treat most missed by dieters is chocolate followed by a Friday night takeaway.Walking holidaysThe world’s best walkable cities and the best places to stay to make the most of your visitForget driving or hopping on a bus, sometimes a stroll through the city is the best way to see the sightsPremier LeagueThis is what top Premier League footballers eat at home as revealed by chef who cooks for themJonny Marsh counts Manchester City trio Kyle Walker, Kevin De Bruyne and Ilkay Gundogan among his clients and turns up at their homes to make them dinnerWeight loss success storiesHow three women ditched sugary soft drink habits that saw them guzzling up to six litres per DAYSales of bottled water have overtaken cola for the first time ever, signalling an end to our love affair with fizzy drinksArthritisWhy rheumatoid arthritis is more than just painful joints and how sufferers can reduce their symptomsEverything you need to know and the difference between RA and osteoarthritisCancerFitness fanatic mum had to have jaw rebuilt with bone from her hip after discovering rare cancerWhen a tumour wrapped round one of her teeth Chris Palfrey, 39, from Witney, Oxfordshire, needed drastic surgery which helped her find love againFilmsHow to make a Dirty Dancing cocktail and four other movie inspired drinksWhip up a Dirty Dancing, Baywatch, Kingsman, La La Land and Fast Furious cocktail with these easy recipes Hermes Handbags Replica.